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Built on Sustainable Growth

Providing premium products globally for generations.

Saraya was founded in Japan over 70 years ago. In the years since, it has experienced remarkable success and growth, expanding operations across the globe. Firmly rooted in health  and sustainability from day one,  the company began by creating healthcare products for consumers, hospitals, and businesses alike. 

This naturally led to expansion into the production of food and beverage products, specifically made to be healthier, tastier options than what is typically found on store shelves. The company made a breakthrough by engineering the popular Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, which soon spread worldwide. Now, we’re proud to share the knowledge and skills behind Lakanto with you. In a new, cutting-edge facility in the heart  of North America.

We do this because we know no one person or company can change the world. We want to offer our partnership and skills to others looking to leave their mark through premium goods. We’re bringing premier technologies, processes, and solutions from around the world, so we can collectively serve the world in turn.

Our Promise to you

Saraya’s success was built on accepting nothing but the best. As such, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring your products meet the specifications you provide and the quality you deserve

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable doesn’t only apply to the environment. It’s the way to grow a business that lasts, intelligently.

Pioneers of Innnovation

Smart risks are the difference between reaching goals and exceeding them. We’ve lead the way for decades.

Quantifiable Quality

Precision production, tailored to your needs and timeline. Leave it to our experts to deliver the perfect product.

Global Nework

The best processes come collaboratively from across the globe. We’re able to tap into that network, and provide it to you.

From Small Beginnings

With a humble beginning in Japan, Saraya’s success quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon. Today, we have offices in over 30 countries across the globe. With our roots deeply embedded in health, it was inevitable that we expanded into the food and beverage industry, offering healthier alternatives that cater to a wider audience. Our dedicated team of scientists, researchers, and engineers work tirelessly to develop innovative ways to produce healthier food options that don’t compromise on taste.

Our Mission

Our mission from day one has been to improve the world. But no one person or company can do so alone. That’s why we’re so excited to open the doors to our new facility and lend our decades of success and expertise to you, providing others an opportunity to leave their own mark on the world. We’re bringing premier technologies, processes, and solutions from around the world, so we can collectively serve the world in turn.

Saraya USA Copacking is here to provide you with the expertise your business deserves.

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