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Our new, state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facility lies in the shadow of Mount Timpanogas. We’ve cheered with you at Utah Jazz games, bickered about the Utes and Cougars, been up Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons (not to mention American Fork and Provo), and mountain biked at Sundance. Some of us you’ve met at the local ward, others out enjoying Bear Lake or Lake Powell. 


And we know our home’s grown immensely; be it buildings, visitors, people, or business. The Beehive State needed a contract manufacturing facility, and we were happy to fill the opening. To provide global expertise and equipment and meet your premier copacking needs efficiently, without having to hike through the terminals of the Salt Lake City Airport to get it. 


Originally, we noticed that we could help the state because of a local sister company that experienced contract manufacturing roadblocks of their own. When they placed an order, they never knew how many bags would contain foreign material, be accidentally cut, or have some other problem. On top of that, their inventory would get lost or misplaced and they would have no way to see what happened to it. A local facility with experience in the industry was needed to solve these problems. 


Now, Saraya USA provides the contract manufacturing expertise in Utah to accomplish just that. Offering worldwide expertise, tier 1 machinery, and an unmatched dedication to quality control right in the heart of Utah County. An added benefit of using co-packers in Utah is our ability to transport and deliver your product locally with our truck fleet. And while our premier Warehouse Management System ensures you’re always able to be updated on where your inventory stands, you’re always welcome to come by to check out the goods for yourself. 


Utah’s changed a lot over the years. The quiet farms of Lehi are now a bustling tech hub, the empty spaces around Utah Lake are now covered with homes and families. It only makes sense for Utah copacking to evolve right along with it.  


Our facility, machinery, and expertise is world class, and it’s all found right in your backyard. By choosing contract manufacturing here in Utah, you’re not engaging with another faceless company. You’ll be working with your friends, neighbors, and family members. All aligned in helping Utah continue to lead the way in successful business development. Come by and say hi – we’re right down the road in Orem. 

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