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Market trends are constantly evolving, and consumers are increasingly discerning. As such, Saraya ensures you have the certifications you need. From the moment ingredients are received, to the second goods are sent for delivery, every batch is constantly tested for certified quality. If you don’t see the certification you desire, please reach out — we’re constantly expanding the available certifications through the proper channels.


Utah Department of Agriculture and Food verifies protection of the environment, the protection of consumers, and verifies the safety of food.

Non GMO Verified

Certifies no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are materials created in a laboratory rather than nature, are present in foods.


Facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration indicating a high standard of safety protocols in place protecting public health.


The Good Manufaturing Practice Certification (cGMP) indicates following strict testing and quality practices ensuring food is fit for human consumption.

Gluten Free

Assures consumers with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities that the product contains no gluten products.
(Certification coming soon)

FSSC 22000

The Food Safety Sysrtem Certification (FSSC) indicates the following of global food safety protocols.
(Certification coming soon)


Ensures foods adhere to the presice religious laws detailing the foods many of the Jewish faith are allowed to eat.


Oregon Tilth Certified Organic is a non-profit that conducts certifications for product manufactures and other handlers. (Certification coming soon)

By obtaining industry-leading certifications, we stand behind our promise to deliver products that meet the highest standards.

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